This is a place for me to keep a record of my projects and share things I’ve discovered.

  1. Hello Richard !

    I’m Domingo from Spain just moved to Reading and looking to know people around here that is involved with IT and probably want to create a startup around mobile technologies, I actually I have one ongoing project and want to create a time to develop/lunch it and meanwhile also join another project if with our joint effort we can succeed.

    I found you through http://www.campuslondon.com and trying a first contact by email, because we are in the same town we can have an informal meeting in any place in Reading to talk about our projects.

    Although http://www.campuslondon.com don’t have any facility to search on members by city I did a small program in lua to extract the data and found 17 people from Reading:

    “Lorenzo Alberton”
    “Craig Henderson”
    “Domingo Alvarez Duarte”
    “George Orr”
    “Ian Paget”
    “Rob Hygate”
    “Ho Yeung Brian Tse”
    “Ben Gale”
    “Adnan N. Salim”
    “Saqib Shaikh”
    “Nicole Bunn”
    “Richard Osterloh”
    “Piotr Kuchta”
    “Jonathan Walls”
    “Tanveer Raja”
    “Ketan Majmudar”

    I did some opensource contributions at http://code.google.com/u/104761748455834183476/ and Android apps https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Domingo+Alvarez+Duarte&hl=en, also my last ongoing development of a multiplatform c++ kernel with interfaces in android, windows, linux, mac osx and http/javascript you can preview it at:
    On http://d.dadbiz.es:58888 username: mingote password: tr14pink (this is a netbook with linux).
    On http://r.dadbiz.es:8888 username: mingote password: tr14pink (this is an android low end phone IDEOS u8150).

    Thanks in advance for your time and attention !

    • rosterloh says:

      Hi Domingo! Thanks for getting in contact. I’m always looking for opportunities to get involved with new projects so I’d be more than happy to meet up and have a chat. It’s great to see that there are quite a few people in the Reading area that share the same interests and have a passion for what we do. How would you like to proceed?

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